Lot 207
JUDAS ULLULAQ (1937-1998), E4-342, Gjoa Haven

IKALIYUK (MAKING FISH), stone, antler, bone, 1994,
13.27" x 7.24" x 13.74"
33.70 x 18.40 x 34.90 cm
Gjoa Haven

Est. $6000/9000
Realised: Please contact us for the value of this item
Auction Date: 04/19/2010

Provenance: Marion Scott Gallery, Vancouver, 2000, Private Collection, U.S.A.

Note: “The legend of Qiviuq, the wanderer, is well known in the Netsilik region. The figure depicted here is the fish-maker whom Qiviuq meets at the edge of a large body of water that he wishes to cross. The fish-maker chops wood and the chips fall into the water to become fish. He creates a giant fish for Qiviuq, that Qiviuq rides upon to cross the water.” Art & Expression of the Netsilik, Winnipeg Art Gallery, Darlene Coward Wight, page 154

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