Lot 45
JUDAS ULLULAQ (1937-1999), ?? ', Gjoa Haven / Uqsuqtuuq

POLAR BEAR AND FRIEND, stone, composite, signed in syllabics, c. 1990s,
11.50" x 14.49" x 7.52"
29.20 x 36.80 x 19.10 cm
Gjoa Haven / Uqsuqtuuq

Est. $3000/5000
Realised: Please contact us for the value of this item
Auction Date: 11/21/2017

Note: The humour in this work is so typical of Ullulaq. The bear couldn’t look more woebegone as he carries a small man on his back. Clearly the weight of the man is too much; his knees are buckling under him as the figure reclines on his back. Similar works appear throughout Ullulaq’s oeuvre, such as the bucking musk ox or hunter attacking a musk ox. Oftentimes, Ullulaq’s work contains inset ivory details rendering it illegal to ship over borders, however in this work the eyes are a manmade composite material making it a great candidate for U.S. or overseas collectors of his work.

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