Lot 115
KENOJUAK ASHEVAK (1927-), E7-1035, Cape Dorset

WOMAN WHO LIVES IN THE SUN, stonecut, (yellow), 1960, artists proof 3,
23.27" x 28.27"
59.10 x 71.80
Cape Dorset

Est. $10000/15000
Realised: Please contact us for the value of this item
Auction Date: 11/09/2009

Note: In the Eskimo culture the sun is feminine, ‘belonging to woman’. In her very personal style, Kenojuak portrays a joyful woman wearing the classic chin tattoo. Arts of the Eskimo: Prints, Signum Press, Montreal, 1974, pg. 36 Note: In Inuit mythology the sun and the moon were originally a sister and brother who had an incestuous relationship. In her anguish at discovering the identity of her lover, the sister rushed out of the snow house carrying a brightly burning torch. She was followed by her brother, whose torch was extinguished as they rose to the sky, where she became the sun and he the moon. From: The Inuit Print, The National Museum of Man, Ottawa, 1977, pg. 58 Note: The drawing for this image was originally attributed to Kenojuak Ashevak, she told Dorothy Eber in 1973 that it in fact was by her late husband Johnniebo, a statement later repeated in 1977 to Terry Ryan. Note: Half of this print edition was pulled in red, the other in yellow.

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