Lot 311
DOMINIC KINGILIK (1939-1990), E2-121, Baker Lake / Qamani’tuaq

WALRUS, stone, ivory, inscribed indistinctly,
5.00" x 10.98" x 3.50"
12.70 x 27.90 x 8.90 cm
Baker Lake / Qamani’tuaq

Est. $300/500
Realised: Please contact us for the value of this item
Auction Date: 06/01/2017

Literature: W.T. Larmour, Eskimo Carvers of Keewatin, N.W.T., Winnipeg Art Gallery & the federal Department of Transport and the Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources, 1964, exh. cat., page 13-14

Note: In the beginning days of carving in Baker Lake, the Inuit could be shy and sometimes hesitant to carve. “the Eskimos must surely remember the day when Kingalik brought in his first owl. Nobody had thought ... that he could do anything worthwhile, much less make a pleasing carving. How many times that the young man brought his carving in and did not show it, one can only guess. But one day as he was leaning over, the owl fell out of his parka sleeve, to be caught by trembling hands. It was a fine carving of an Arctic owl and the assembled Eskimos in their excitement showered the embarrassed youth with praise ... His whole status in the community was altered in that instant.”

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