Lot 44
NICK SIKKUARK (1943-2013), W1-209, Pelly Bay / Arviliqjuaq

COMMUNITY, coloured pencil drawing, signed and dated 2003,
13.27" x 10.98"
33.70 x 27.90
Pelly Bay / Arviliqjuaq

Est. $400/600
Realised: Please contact us for the value of this item
Auction Date: 05/30/2017

Provenance: Marion Scott Gallery, Vancouver, Private Collection, California, USA

Literature: Robert Kardosh, The Art of Nick Sikkuark, Marion Scott Gallery, 2003, page 5

Note: The faces of the artist’s community are created with one continuous line reinforcing the idea of the interconnectedness amongst community members. Nick Sikkuark’s artistic career spanned five decades over which he masterfully created detailed sculptures from mixed media and surreal drawings of spiritual life or frank depictions of everyday life. As Robert Kardosh explained, “With the recent deaths of Judas Ullulaq and his brother Charlie Ugyuk, Sikkuark can be regarded as the last of the great “first generation” creators in the Netsilik tradition - that small illustrious group of Inuit artists... [who] changed forever the image of Northern art.”

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