Lot 113
MALAYA AKULUKJUK (1915-), E6-240/ KAWTYSEE KAKEE, E9-1373, Pannirtuq / Pangnirtung

MALAYA’S STORY (NO. 282), wool weaving, signed and titled in Roman and syllabics, numbered 16/20,
96.50" x 43.50"
245.10 x 110.50
Pannirtuq / Pangnirtung

Est. $1000/1500
Realised: Please contact us for the value of this item
Auction Date: 03/02/2017

Literature: Deborah Hickman, “Malaya Akulukjuk - A Tribute.” Inuit Art Quaretly, 1996, page 55 as quoted in Maria Von Finkenstein, Nuvisavik: The Place Where We Weave, 2002, page 66

Note: Hickman remarks, “‘In 1982, the weavers wanted to create a tribute to Akulukjuk. They selected six of her drawings - three representing the human world and three the spirit realm - to use in a composite design. The intention was to recognize the artist’s vision, both the everyday life as well as the spiritual and supernatural.” Maria Von Finkenstein expands, “In the composite of drawings Kawtysee Kakee combined six different narrative scenes by setting them against a snowy landscape. The coarse grain of the wool simulates the texture of snow, and the shifts in colour lead the eye on and suggest the expansion of a landscape receding into the distance.”

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