Lot 485
JESSIE OONARK, O.C., R.C.A. (1906-1985), Baker Lake / Qamani’tuaq

THE FISHMAKER MADE KIVIUK A FISH TO RIDE, stonecut and stencil, 1981, 40/40,
25.00" x 37.01"
63.50 x 94.00
Baker Lake / Qamani’tuaq

Est. $1000/1500
Realised: $1140
Auction Date: 11/24/2016

Literature: Sanavik Co-Operative Baker Lake Print Catalogue 1981, unpaginated, cat. no. 6

Note: In the 1981 graphics catalogue, Oonark tells the legend associated with the imagery: “A bird captured Kiviuk’s wife and son and took them south. Kiviuk followed, when he came to the sea, he met a man making a fish from wood. As he finished each one, he threw it into the water. Whereupon, it would become a real fish and swim away. Kiviuk asked the fishmaker if he had seen the bird with his family. The fishmaker replied that the bird had carried them over the sea. Kiviuk wished, aloud, that he might cross the sea. The fishmaker told Kiviuk to close his ears and he would call someone. Kiviuk closed his ears. This fishmaker called and a fish came. The fishmaker instructed Kivuk to sit on the tail and ride across the sea. In this manner, Kiviuk crossed the water to the other shore. Leaping off the fish, he continued to quest for his family.”

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