Lot 411
JOSEPH SHUQSLAK (1958-), Gjoa Haven / Uqsuqtuuq

POLAR BEAR SHAMAN HUNTING SEAL, stone, antler, rope, signed in syllabics ,
17.24" x 9.02" x 5.98"
43.80 x 22.90 x 15.20 cm
Gjoa Haven / Uqsuqtuuq

Est. $600/900
Realised: $600
Auction Date: 11/24/2016

Literature: Darlene Wight, Art & Expression of the Netsilik, 2000, page 146

Note: “My grandfather (Joata Suqslak) was a powerful bear hunter, and he talked about bears often. He told many stories about bears and about how they would not attack him. He got sick a lot, and wouldn’t know what he was doing. Sometimes he would stare at his hands and thought that they were claws.”

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