Lot 331
MARTHA ITTULUKA'NAAQ , Baker Lake/Qamani’tuaq

THE OLD WAYS, stonecut, 1971, 30/41,
24.02" x 19.25"
61.00 x 48.90
Baker Lake/Qamani’tuaq

Est. $300/500
Realised: Please contact us for the value of this item
Auction Date: 06/02/2016

Literature: Jules Heller, Nancy G. Heller, North American Women Artists of the Twentieth Century: A Biographical Dictionary, p. 275

Note: Ittuluka’naaq had little contact with the European and Canadian traders and missionaries until her move to Baker Lake in 1961. Ittuluka’naaq’s works are simple and linear and are “stylistically similar to those of ... Anguhadluq and Parr.” Like her male contemporaries, Ittuluka’naaq’s life experiences were largely within the traditions of Inuit culture.

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