Lot 158
THOMAS UGJUK (1921-), E2-288, Rankin Inlet

HUNTERS STRUGGLING FOR A KNIFE, stone, antler, signed in syllabics,
13.27" x 12.99" x 5.00"
33.70 x 33.00 x 12.70 cm
Rankin Inlet

Est. $3000/5000
Realised: Please contact us for the value of this item
Auction Date: 06/01/2015

Note: A remarkably animated work for the artist whose style is comparable to his father’s (John Kavik). In an interview with the artist in 1993, which appeared in the winter edition of the Inuit Art Quarterly, Ugjuk describes the difficulty he had in deciding what to carve. This may be why there are not many of his works available on the market. Both Kavik and Ugjuk were self-taught artists and took to carving whenever they were not hunting. Ugjuk says, “I would try to concentrate on an idea of mine and gradually expand on it as I went along which would lead to some comprehensible form for the carving I was working on. And, other times, it seemed that trying to stay with one idea didn't always work so, rather than getting stuck with one idea, I would just work on a carving and see what it would become.”

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