Lot 33
JOHNNY INUKPUK (1911-2007), E9-904, Inukjuak

7.01" x 10.51" x 5.51"
17.80 x 26.70 x 14.00 cm

Est. $700/1000
Realised: Please contact us for the value of this item
Auction Date: 04/30/2015

Note: Explanation of the work found in a hand-written note by the artist. The translation of which is roughly as follows, “This story happened somewhere between Great Whale River and Port Harrison. There once lived a man named Asinasa [who had] a wife named Imialuk. They could not have babies so they had adopted a girl. The parents were hungry. Then one morning the girl got a seal, she was on her way home walking to the shore from the ice when she was eaten by a polar bear. The father got home when it was getting dark and found that her daughter was eaten and nobody saw the seal. This happened in February 1926 The carving was made by Johnny Inukpuk on October 22, 1979 to illustrate a story he had heard.”

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