Lot 108
MAGGIE SIUPI QATIPPA (1916-1984), E9-1408; SAMISA PASSAURALU IVILLA (1924-), E9-806, Povungnituk

JOKE; A COUPLE FISHING, fiberglass wax plate, 1961, 10/50; 5/50,
14.49" x 17.99"
36.80 x 45.70

Est. $500/700
Realised: Please contact us for the value of this item
Auction Date: 06/02/2014

Note: From the 1961 Experimental Povungnituk prints collection. The first exhibition of these prints was held at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, ON on December 15, 1961. These prints were made using the fiberglass wax plate technique, which was used solely for a small number of prints for this collection. Gordon Yearsley, the art advisor at the time, introduced this technique as he felt it conformed most closely with graphic techniques already employed by Inuit, such as incising an image on to ivory etc. Inuit Artists Print Workbook, Sandra B. Barz, pg. 12, 81

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