Lot 120
DAVIDIALUK ALASUA AMITTU (1910-1976), E9-824, Povungnituk

STORY OF THE BIG GIANT INUKPUK , stone, c. 1960, signed in Roman and with disc number,
4.02" x 14.49" x 5.98"
10.20 x 36.80 x 15.20 cm

Est. $3000/5000
Realised: Please contact us for the value of this item
Auction Date: 05/06/2013

Provenance: Private Collection, Kuujjuaq, QC Private Collection, Toronto, ON

Note: The story of the Big Giant Inukpuk is told as follows: “Three eskimos [sic] who were travelling [sic] had a big Giant with them. One night while they were sleeping they saw a white fox eating the inside of the Giant’s nose. The Giant said: ‘Something inside my nose is very itchy” and as he said so a white fox came out of his nose. He had a skin bag but as there was no meat in it he did not want to use it as a pillow because he always was using meat as a pillow and every morning there was no meat that the eskimos [sic] had got. He was eating all the animals caught, but the eskimos [sic] were scared of saying anything. When they moved to get away from him they killed him because he was eating entire animals, all their catches and even eskimos [sic], which were found in his stomach.”

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