Lot 84
MARION TUU'LUUQ (1910-2002), E2-98, Baker Lake

UNTITLED (PEOPLE AND ANIMALS) , stroud, thread, embroidery floss, signed in syllabics ,
55.00" x 57.01"
139.70 x 144.80
Baker Lake

Est. $12000/18000
Realised: Please contact us for the value of this item
Auction Date: 05/02/2011

Note: “Tuu’luq’s...artistic vision… celebrates the eternal recurrence of life and the conviction that what the Inuit dread most –extinction- will not occur. We see this in the mythological landscapes that she creates, brimming with Inuit, animals, vegetation and spirits. It is a landscape of memory, memorialized in a contemporary aesthetic visual statement that reaffirms the essence of her ‘Inuitness’ with impunity.” Marion Tuu’luq, National Gallery of Canada, 2002, Marie Bouchard, Pg. 19

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